How do changing consumer behaviors, like the move to online shopping, impact packaging needs?

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  • Online shopping increases demand for durable packaging to protect items during shipping and handling.
  • Environmental concerns lead to a need for sustainable and recyclable packaging materials due to higher consumer awareness.
  • Customized packaging becomes more prevalent to enhance brand experience in a competitive online marketplace.
How do changing consumer behaviors, like the move to online shopping, impact packaging needs?

So here's the heads up - been noticing this shift in folks doing a lot of their shopping online, right? Now this gotta have some serious impact on how we package any product. I mean, before this it was all about shelves impact and visibility - making your stuff stand out while it's sat next to dozens of similar products. But now, it's gotta survive a journey - be it in the back of a van or the hold of a plane. Not to mention folks want to feel good about what they're buying too, so it's gotta be sustainable and easy to recycle. So what's the real deal here? Anyone feeling these changes and what's your take on it?

Totally, the customer experience is key. Like, when you get something shipped to you, it\'s not just about getting it from A to B anymore. It's gotta be a whole vibe, like an unboxing experience that feels special, right? Plus, with everyone being on socials, a cool unboxing can totally go viral and give free promo. Any of you seeing brands stepping up their game in this department?

Absolutely, focusing on reducing waste is the way to go. Slimming down the packaging to the essentials while still protecting the goods is something to consider. You know, using materials that are not just recyclable but also made from recycled content can score big points with eco-conscious customers. And with certain items, you might even explore package-free options or concentrate on refillable solutions to cut down on single-use packaging. That could be a game-changer. Has anyone seen innovative solutions in this space that could be a model for others?

For sure, tech advancements play a huge role too. Smart packaging with QR codes for tracking, info about the source, and reuse instructions is catching on. It adds that tech edge and keeps consumers in the loop about their purchase's journey and impact. What do you think, are consumers digging this techy side of packaging?

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