Have you implemented any innovative solutions to reduce waste in your internal packaging?

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  • We have introduced biodegradable packing materials to minimize environmental impact.
  • Our company uses a custom-fit packaging process to reduce excess material usage.
  • We have implemented a packaging return program to encourage reuse and recycling.
Have you implemented any innovative solutions to reduce waste in your internal packaging?

So, just curious here - anyone tried out any cool, new-fangled solutions to cut down on the waste from their internal packaging? Got any success stories or total disasters to share? Would love to hear both sides of the coin.

Haven't found a viable solution yet, unfortunately.

I hear you all. The struggle with packaging waste is real. While we haven't stumbled upon the perfect method yet, we've been looking into some sustainable packaging materials like mushroom packaging and seaweed 'plastic.' These may not be foolproof solutions, but it's a start. Have any of you experimented with these or other unconventional materials?

Well, tell the packages to stop eating so much, maybe then they will waste less! Any takers on this strategy?

With all the advancements in technology, you'd think we'd have sorted the packaging issue by now, right? I've been digging into this myself, and it seems like a combo of factors gets in the way. Cost, practicality, consumer preferences - it's a lot to juggle. Figuring out a way forward that ticks all these boxes, that's the real challenge. Any of you trying to crack this nut too? What's been your experience?

Ever considered compostable materials? They might offer some novel solutions.

Nah, all been there, done that. No real progress yet.

Well, if all else fails, we could always go back to the Stone Age and use rocks for packaging! Anyone up for rock-paper-scissors... but minus the paper and scissors?

In the quest to find the "holy grail" of waste-free packaging, I've come across some real off-the-wall stuff. Ever heard of Edible Packaging? Yep, it's a thing. Imagine you are done eating your candy and then you chomp down on the wrapper! Some real Willy Wonka stuff, eh? Has anyone dared to venture down those zany paths too?

Edible wrappers? Makes me wonder what's next... Drinkable boxes? I'm not completely sold yet.

Nope, still searching.

Nope. Still on the hunt for that golden ticket.

Might want to check out bulk bins and reusable containers. Could be a game-changer if done right.

Has anyone looked into using digital technology, like QR codes, to reduce packaging? Maybe by providing information digitally, we could really cut back on the need for physical labels and additional packaging materials? What are your thoughts on integrating tech solutions like this?

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